[ Birth of Beaux | Lifestyle Newborn ]

Dream Compass and I have been able to be a part of this families life for a couple years now. They hired us for an elegant couples session in a park – filled with laughter and love. It was then that we knew this was a lifetime connection for all of us involved. Now fast forward, we welcome baby Beaux – from a c-section birth to his appearance in his nursery.

Thank you for inviting us into your life B. Family!! XOXO


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[ M. Family |Hawaii Bohemian Style ] Hawaii Family Photographer

This is what happens when you combine Anthropologie, Hawaii Mountains and some gorgeous faces with my Nikon.

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[ Birth of Cailean | hawaii birth family photographer ]

A beautiful and healthy baby girl has graced this world with her presence. Baby C is going to be an amazing woman of God one day with her big sister!

The smile that big sis had when she walked in the room after delivery was soo raw and beautiful..

Photographing a birth is a very, very personal moment and I thank the families that allow me to be present and forever be a memory with them and this special once in a lifetime day.

Video posted of birth seen via link:  https://www.facebook.com/HaileyFariaPhotography/videos/vb.259757890770706/895704757176013/?type=2&theater

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[ Poised | Beautiful Woman A. ] Hawaii Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

Her fiery red hair and spicy attitude was complimented with the calmness of the sea and sand..Beauty is within our struggles and as women, we grow with everything that is put before us. Trust in your journey.

You are a gorgeous soul A. and I know this beauty – let your faith arise.


[ #BigIslandTravels – Hawai’i ]

Got to escape this past weekend with my husband..we traveled around the entire island of Big Island, Hawaii – took 12 hours to stop and go on Saturday though..we explored Wapio Valley, Black Sand Beach, Hilo, Kona, highest point at Mauna Kea [ saw Saturn ] and the southern most point..

The serene car drive was well – needed. He has been working non-stop and me homeschooling and running children to their afternoon activities in afternoon – well, a quiet car ride was perfect in itself. =)

Enjoy the tour below!

[ Video Link ~~> ]   http://video214.com/play/zmTBtCcsEy6NroCMn3HcSQ/s/dark

HFP_5031-1 HFP_5034-2 HFP_5041-3 HFP_5050-4 HFP_5068-6 HFP_5091-9HFP_5101-11 HFP_5112-12 HFP_5153-13 HFP_5082-8
HFP_5164-14HFP_5201-16HFP_5203-17HFP_5205-18HFP_5219-20HFP_5194-15HFP_5217 copywebHFP_5230-21HFP_5239-23 HFP_5240-24 HFP_5241-25 HFP_5242-26 HFP_5244-27 HFP_5245-28 HFP_5246-29 HFP_5253-30 HFP_5256-31 HFP_5260-32 HFP_5265-33 HFP_5275-35 HFP_5288web
HFP_5064-5HFP_5303-36HFP_5307-37 HFP_5310-38 HFP_5311-39 HFP_5312-40 HFP_5316-41 HFP_5317-42 HFP_5321-43 HFP_5323-44 HFP_5330-45

[ maypole sisters ]

A session that makes you smile..the sun shining, ribbon flying, dresses blowing and childhood unfolding.

Thank you to Dream Compass Styling for a beautiful prop and inspiration!

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