What is Reverie?

REVERIE:: a fantastic, visionary or an impractical idea.

Be uncommon.

Reverie is a three night workshop in the heart of the breathtaking Zion National Park in Utah, hosted by Hailey Faria Photography & Tara Tomlinson Photography. Reverie Workshop is all about getting back to your why, making photography your happy place again, and watching the magic that unfolds when we allow ourselves to just be totally taken in by all that inspires us.

A Note from Hailey

I want you to push your limits, to be overfilled with artistry, passion, success..  To not follow the beaten path but to follow the unbeaten path. To be impractical. I want you to continue to have visions and go into photographing them sometimes with the thought, “I don’t know what I am doing, but I’m going for it, ” because this means you are making decisions to make that “crazy” dream you had become reality. 

With this Workshop I want you to think of what makes you an artist? What inspired you to be the artist you want to be or are? Are you inspired by paintings, books, the ocean, outdoors, music, spoken word, God, your children, other photographers? For example, my biggest influence is music. I play it when I am brainstorming ideas, blast it on my way to a session, jam out during a shoot, and reflect on my way back with another playlist. So that is why, I am bringing music to this Reverie Workshop. Meet us as the sun sets over our Estate with the sound of a local band playing in the common area. Allow yourself to overflow with the joining of others artists with cameras and instruments trying to make their place in this crafted world. Allow your mind to take you to a place you think is only a dream…only a reverie. Then watch how we can show you that no dream is unattainable.

Let’s let all the above inspirations come flooding out of you into an artist. There is such a joy for life inside of you, reason why you want to capture such things, it is innate in you to see the best of the world, people and now yourself. 

A Note from Tara 

I will be asking you to look inward, to remember. Do you remember the very first time you were inspired to pick up a camera and create something just for beauty’s sake? Do you remember how it felt to hold your DSLR in your hands for the first time? Do you remember the nights you laid awake dreaming up your next photography adventure? What was it that started that spark? Is it the way the wind blows through the trees? The gentle glow of golden light illuminating the face of a loved one? A song that makes you feel so much you have to find a way to bring it to life? We are going to draw on these moments and help you combine them with practical knowledge, and then harness that power to make magic.

If you struggle with self doubt, if you are plagued by feelings of not being good enough or not knowing your identity in this crazy thing we call the photography world, Reverie is for you. I am going to talk about how to draw inspiration from other photographers without letting comparison paralyze you with feeling of inadequacy or confusion. I’m going to talk about what I call The Art of Being Wrong, and how powerful it can be in your life and work. I am going to talk about how to stop trying to be someone else, and how to create your own style by seeing and understanding colors, tones, and light like an artist. We all get bogged down in the day to day, and in the struggle to make something financially sustainable out of our photography. In doing so, we often forget our “why”, and our creativity dries up, photography becomes just a “job”, and we start feeling the dreaded burnout.  At Reverie, we are going to discover how feeding into your whole person will flow into your work so that you feel like an artist again.

The Details

The first night will be a time of refreshing, connecting, and resetting (and if you wish, a few glasses of wine or cocktails!) with the bonding of souls and sounds.

The first full day will consist of a day of teaching, a styled session and some exploring with Hailey.  She will show you what goes into creating her visions, helping her client see her vision to become her vision all while creating the picture they never knew they wanted… The surrounding area is filled with caves, hieroglyphics and outlooks, be prepared to travel and hike into a world wonder. Let’s use every bit of natural artistry to guide us and spend all that time to soak it in.

On the second full day, Tara will take the lead on another styled session and share her journey, her impeccable way of photographing, and what has influenced her to be the artist she is. Her depth is so infectious; you will want to hear more of her explanations and not want it to end.

During our non-shooting time together, there will be portfolio reviews, editing instruction, and round table discussions with Hailey and Tara.

Stay with us in Zion National Park and have all meals prepared for you all while fueling your soul. The Estate you will be staying at was created originally for musicians to come to to compose, writers to write, painters to paint..it is an artist retreat.

This Workshop is for all levels of photographers, we will tell you our camera settings while shooting if you need assistance, walk you through our business side, editing techniques, marketing strategies and session styling.

$1500 for a 3 night stay, May 7-10th, 2018 in Zion National Park, Utah! Two full days of learning divided between Hailey and Tara. With of course, the band welcoming us the first night!

A payment plan is in place – first payment of $500 is due immediately to reserve your spot, second payment of $500 is due February 20th and third is due no later than April 20th. Traveling plans are strict to ensure arrival to retreat – this will be covered when booking.

Once you have reserved your spot, you will be added to the private Reverie Facebook group so that we can start to get to know each other. We will also be posting updates and photo inspiration in the group, as well as polls to get your feedback on specific areas of interest and what you’d like to learn – this will help us make the final decisions on our focus for round table discussions and instructional times!

Reverie is an intimate workshop experience with only 10 spots for attendees. To get your name on the list to receive a priority link to book, sign up with your email address HERE. Priority booking will be open for 3 days starting on October 3rd, 2017 before spots are made available to the public. We can’t wait to see you in Zion! 


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