[ ANNOTATION | Game of Chess with Dream Compass Styling ]

Ok..this has taken me forever to post. MANY, MANY thank you’s to Dream Compass Styling for coming up with an incredible vision of a shoot..and to all the vendors that made it happen: Divine Beautease | Little Chiyo | Lily Shine Boutique | The Creator’s Touch | Miss A Headbands | Peepz N Pretzelz | […]

[ Sunflower Fields | Hawaii Photographer ]

A beautiful couple dreamed of a photoshoot in a sunflower field and Hawaii of course offers acres and acres of sunflowers once a year..it was so dreamy. Very unreal. It was an experience for us all.

{ A Baby in a Bowling Alley | Dream Compass Styling }

Loved this concept that my partner in crime thought of for this newborn family session. A baby in a blowing alley. Classic. Thank you to mom and dad for jumping on board and having fun with it!   …and the title came from the thought of Reese Witherspoon from Sweet Home Alabama, remember the part..”you […]