[ Greenhouse Goodness | Oklahoma ]

I love the life that is present in greenhouses – the seasons plants embrace with such grace – the need of constant water, attention, love…and that Light is necessary for survival. Just like us. 



[ the dress, the blanket, the bonnet ]

I wish I could say that I have every shoot figured out beforehand and even during..but that’s a lie. This particular session was close to being cancelled because the weather dropped on us..like 46 degrees. So, on my way out of the house I grabbed a bonnet, stopped at Target and picked up a cardigan and then got sidetracked by the Nate B. blanket on clearance (I am a blanket hoarder). Upon arrival to shoot, we hopped out of our cars, I unraveled the blanket and told mom to just use it to keep baby warm in between shots.

Needless to say, the blanket was THE perfect addition, along with the last-second-grab bonnet as well to go with this #TGPtravelingdress shoot here in Lawton, Oklahoma. The weather drop was in fact a huge blessing – it provided the additional layers and snuggles. Not having things perfectly planned can turn into some of your best work. Let go and let God (help create – He IS the original artist). XO


[ their cabin life | lifestyle session ]

I love how life unfolds..crossing paths with others that change your perspective on life.

This family is filled with so much love that being in their bubble was effortless.

Traveling to Broken Bow, Oklahoma was a peaceful drive and driving back was filled with deeper emotion when leaving T + B + R + M and their serene cabin. God has such a plan for this family and watching them allow the Lord to guide them in His direction is remarkable.

Meet the gorgeous family of the fabulous boutique Hazel and Olive.




[ the sheepfarm | oklahoma ]

Moving to Oklahoma I thought was going to be the death of my photography career.. I cried in my hotel room in Maui where I was celebrating my 30th birthday, when my husband called to let me know we got orders.  We were expecting for months to have orders for Colorado, but that changed in a matter of an instant. Arriving to Lawton, Oklahoma in August was the beginning of a new season for me AND for the fields right down the street, where Cotton was beginning to bloom!! It was at that instant, that I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

We have spent the past few months, raising chickens, shooting shot guns and traveling this state. Oklahomians are the nicest people I have ever met and have enjoyed meeting so many new people that I have since added to my little family circle.

Reaching out to local farmers has topped my list though. The hard work and dedication of these individuals is beyond inspiring. They have welcomed me onto their property and have even assisted in my shoots. This particular sheep farm is home to about 300 sheep, goats and cattle. When we arrived, we were able to hold a DAY old lamb and three day old TWINS! They just cuddled up in our arms, baa’d a little and enjoyed the warmth of our body.

I can understand why people stay here after their military retirement. It is slow paced, taking in life and being a part of something greater. I look forward to our future here, not sure where the Marine Corps will take us next, but I know it will be exactly where God intended.




[ Zoe & Mommy ]

This beautiful mother and daughter visited me while in Oahu and we hiked to a very magical area of Hawaii..granted the surrounding beauty was breathtaking, the interaction and love of this relationship was even more captivating.