[ the sheepfarm | oklahoma ]

Moving to Oklahoma I thought was going to be the death of my photography career.. I cried in my hotel room in Maui where I was celebrating my 30th birthday, when my husband called to let me know we got orders.  We were expecting for months to have orders for Colorado, but that changed in a matter of an instant. Arriving to Lawton, Oklahoma in August was the beginning of a new season for me AND for the fields right down the street, where Cotton was beginning to bloom!! It was at that instant, that I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

We have spent the past few months, raising chickens, shooting shot guns and traveling this state. Oklahomians are the nicest people I have ever met and have enjoyed meeting so many new people that I have since added to my little family circle.

Reaching out to local farmers has topped my list though. The hard work and dedication of these individuals is beyond inspiring. They have welcomed me onto their property and have even assisted in my shoots. This particular sheep farm is home to about 300 sheep, goats and cattle. When we arrived, we were able to hold a DAY old lamb and three day old TWINS! They just cuddled up in our arms, baa’d a little and enjoyed the warmth of our body.

I can understand why people stay here after their military retirement. It is slow paced, taking in life and being a part of something greater. I look forward to our future here, not sure where the Marine Corps will take us next, but I know it will be exactly where God intended.




[ Zoe & Mommy ]

This beautiful mother and daughter visited me while in Oahu and we hiked to a very magical area of Hawaii..granted the surrounding beauty was breathtaking, the interaction and love of this relationship was even more captivating.



[ Backyard Family | Hawaii Family Photographer ]

I love nothing more than to be invited into a family’s life. To play in their own backyard and enjoy the scenery on such a beautiful part of historic Hawaii.

The grandfather pictured here served in the Vietnam War – it was an honor.

Thank you Osborne family!


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[ R. Family in the Mountains ]

I absolutely adored this perfect little family. We hiked through mud to get to this location, which just adds to the entire experience of a Hailey Faria Photography photoshoot! =) I promise a story..well.

The wind was insane which just added to the effect needed for the tulle dress and ribbons! Just one of those sessions that complete creative control is handed over and you run free with it. Featuring @Dream Compass Styling.

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[ Birth of Beaux | Lifestyle Newborn ]

Dream Compass and I have been able to be a part of this families life for a couple years now. They hired us for an elegant couples session in a park – filled with laughter and love. It was then that we knew this was a lifetime connection for all of us involved. Now fast forward, we welcome baby Beaux – from a c-section birth to his appearance in his nursery.

Thank you for inviting us into your life B. Family!! XOXO


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[ M. Family |Hawaii Bohemian Style ] Hawaii Family Photographer

This is what happens when you combine Anthropologie, Hawaii Mountains and some gorgeous faces with my Nikon.

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