[ the dress, the blanket, the bonnet ]

I wish I could say that I have every shoot figured out beforehand and even during..but that’s a lie. This particular session was close to being cancelled because the weather dropped on us..like 46 degrees. So, on my way out of the house I grabbed a bonnet, stopped at Target and picked up a cardigan and then got sidetracked by the Nate B. blanket on clearance (I am a blanket hoarder). Upon arrival to shoot, we hopped out of our cars, I unraveled the blanket and told mom to just use it to keep baby warm in between shots.

Needless to say, the blanket was THE perfect addition, along with the last-second-grab bonnet as well to go with this #TGPtravelingdress shoot here in Lawton, Oklahoma. The weather drop was in fact a huge blessing – it provided the additional layers and snuggles. Not having things perfectly planned can turn into some of your best work. Let go and let God (help create – He IS the original artist). XO


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