[ ANNOTATION | Game of Chess with Dream Compass Styling ]

Ok..this has taken me forever to post. MANY, MANY thank you’s to Dream Compass Styling for coming up with an incredible vision of a shoot..and to all the vendors that made it happen:

Divine Beautease | Little Chiyo | Lily Shine Boutique | The Creator’s Touch | Miss A Headbands | Peepz N Pretzelz | Olivia Ann Collections

All the costumes and accessories were handmade specifically for this photoshoot and it came together amazing..

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS to the Pawns and White Queen verses the Black Queen, her Bishop and Knight..


DSC_8077fb DSC_7910fb DSC_7894fb DSC_7898 copyfbDSC_8001fb DSC_7984fbDSC_8119fbDSC_8221fbDSC_8098fbDSC_8176fbDSC_8442-2fbDSC_8460fbDSC_8252fbDSC_8291fbDSC_8185fbDSC_8212fbDSC_8306fbDSC_8361fbDSC_8294fbDSC_8312fbDSC_8146fbDSC_8341fbDSC_8365 copyfbDSC_8403fbDSC_8482fbDSC_8535fb

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