[ that cradle..] Hawaii Family Child Photographer

This cradle was found in a search for a newborn session – but thank you to Autumn of Dream Compass Styling, it got turned into a series of adorable little girl sessions. An added touch of grace and lace came from Lily Shine Boutique for the romper.

We took this cradle to a beautiful scenic stop in Kailua, Hawaii – where the mountains showcase their beauty dancing with the sun.

HFP_9226web HFP_9163web HFP_9058web HFP_9017web HFP_8861fb HFP_8833-2web HFP_8805fbHFP_5493bw HFP_5505 HFP_5556 HFP_5697fb HFP_5889fb HFP_6011 HFP_6123fb HFP_6147fb HFP_6486 HFP_6572bwfb



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