[ J. Family’s Dinner Time | Dream Compass Styling ]

This session is so beautiful in a way that it is so unique. We dragged her personal kitchen table outside for a whole new take on a picnic.  They had dinner, played games, danced and just laughed!

Thank you to Dream Compass Styling for your brilliant ideas and execution!


DSC_6462 DSC_6466 DSC_6472 DSC_6498web DSC_6507 copy DSC_6520web DSC_6600fb DSC_6621 DSC_6660copy copy DSC_6777bw DSC_6811 DSC_6829bwweb DSC_6871 DSC_6905fb DSC_6925 DSC_6993 copy DSC_7036 DSC_7094 DSC_7098 DSC_7119fb DSC_6156bw DSC_6187 DSC_6391

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