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[ W + L Wedding | Waimea Falls Hawaii Wedding ]

This was such an emotional and beautiful Hawaii wedding, filled with culture, ohana, aloha and beauty. I put my camera down a few times during the ceremony to really take in what was happening.


The beauty of Waimea Falls and Waimea Bay made for some of the most perfect wedding photos a bride and groom could ask for!


HFP_B-113HFP_B-135HFP_B-3HFP_B-43HFP_B-111 HFP_B-112 HFP_B-110HFP_B-123HFP_B-37HFP_B-39 HFP_B-46HFP_B-83HFP_B-118HFP_B-126HFP_B-150HFP_B-130HFP_B-131HFP_B-120HFP_B-119HFP_B-145HFP_B-166HFP_B-175HFP_B-189HFP_B-184HFP_B-139HFP_B-104HFP_B-103HFP_B-102HFP_B-203HFP_B-202HFP_B-129HFP_B-148HFP_B-181

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