[ poised | portraits of Jen ]

I am still searching my inner-self for the exact connection I want to portray..I as a mother and wife, still feel sultry and vulnerable underneath but sometimes the strength that I have to have being a military spouse and mother of two strong-willed children – I feel doesn’t always surface. So for me to be […]

[ W + L Wedding | Waimea Falls Hawaii Wedding ]

This was such an emotional and beautiful Hawaii wedding, filled with culture, ohana, aloha and beauty. I put my camera down a few times during the ceremony to really take in what was happening.   The beauty of Waimea Falls and Waimea Bay made for some of the most perfect wedding photos a bride and […]

[ Maui Vow Renewal | Hawaii Wedding Family Photographer ]

    YAY! This is one of those shoots that I will forever remember – the love was palpable. I get a call from Robyn. She is looking to have her vow renewal photographed on the island of Maui. It will be her and husband with seven children. As we talked she already knew she […]

[ S + J Wedding | Hawaii Wedding Photographer ]

{Hot Couple..Hot Car in Kailua, Hawaii Couples PhotoShoot}

I love love shooting couples..they have excitement for their session and are eager to be romantic! Love it! M & T came to me with hopes to make their session unique with a vintage tone..I collaborated with Honolulu, Hawaii hair and makeup artist Robin of Kreative Art Services and her contacts led to Tony, with […]