[ poised | portraits of Jen ]

I am still searching my inner-self for the exact connection I want to portray..I as a mother and wife, still feel sultry and vulnerable underneath but sometimes the strength that I have to have being a military spouse and mother of two strong-willed children – I feel doesn’t always surface. So for me to be able to be “her” again with my clients [other amazing mothers and women] than I feel like it is easier for me to connect with that side of myself again.

round two of [ poised ] woman portraits..and a special thank you from my soul to yours Heather Elizabeth [photos] 

HFP_4635-1web HFP_4642-1web HFP_4670-1web HFP_4683-1web HFP_4686-1web HFP_4687-1web HFP_4705-1web HFP_4709-1web HFP_4729-1web HFP_4734-1web HFP_4737-1web HFP_4748-1web HFP_4757-1web HFP_4759-1web HFP_4765-1web HFP_4772-1web HFP_4808-1web HFP_4817-1web

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