[ maui engagement ]

I normally get to speak and interact with my clients before their shoot..this was the first time this had not happened at an engagement session! The family was behind the proposal during their family vacation in Maui and decided that the best place to get photographed and proposed to should be in Maui! I couldn’t agree more!

Since the proposal happened the day before the shoot – the excitement and raw love was so tangible.

So climbing cliffs and mountains seemed like the best thing to do. =)

special thank you to dream compass styling for another unforgettable adventure! 


HFP_3001-1-2web HFP_3006-1-2webHFP_3169-1web HFP_3036-1web HFP_3062-1web HFP_3108-1web HFP_3144-1web HFP_3165-1webHFP_3136-1webHFP_3138-1webHFP_3266-1web HFP_3198-1web HFP_3215-1web HFP_3230-1web HFP_3275-1web HFP_3300-1web HFP_3321-1web HFP_3338-1web HFP_3347-1web HFP_3375-1web HFP_3381-1web HFP_3403-1web HFP_3407-1web HFP_3422-1web HFP_3463-1web HFP_3515-1web HFP_3522-1web HFP_3533-1web HFP_3539-1web HFP_3542-1web HFP_3571-1web HFP_3603-1web HFP_3626-1web HFP_3649-1web

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