[ Zoe & Mommy ]

This beautiful mother and daughter visited me while in Oahu and we hiked to a very magical area of Hawaii..granted the surrounding beauty was breathtaking, the interaction and love of this relationship was even more captivating.   Advertisements

The Sands of Hawaii.. [ Dream Compass Styling ]

Beautiful wardrobe styling by Dream Compass Styling and makeup by Divine Beautease! The colors are like a dream! So in love with this session!  

{ Woodsy Boho | Hawaii Family Photographer }

To be asked what my favorite shoot is, I can only respond with, my next one..because once I establish a favorite, I shoot a set up like this with the amazing Dream Compass Styling and then it moves to the top of my list. Loved the idea of colorful rugs with a green woodsy background […]

{Newborn Ava | Bohemian Style}

I love when I get God-given visions to create a set or style for a particular shoot and then get stuck in executing it. So, days before this actually occurred, I was on the phone with my mother trying to explain to her how I wanted yarn to surround the newborn baby girl, with hanging […]

{Blue Lagoon Inspired | Delish Styling}

    This is inspired by the story of Blue Lagoon. Lyndsea from Delish Styling and I had this vision of re-creating this pure love tale. For those of you that are not familiar with Blue Lagoon, featuring Brooke Shields, it is a storyline of two young children stranded on a deserted island and grow […]

{Eloise Inspired | Lillipop Designs in Honolulu, Hawaii}

North Shore photographer

I had the absolute privilege of photographing a Lillipop Designs dress inspired by the classic tale of Eloise. Being in Hawaii, I wasn’t sure where I would make Eloise come to life since she resides in the Plaza hotel in New York City and in a very pink room. Hmmm… GOOGLE! So I searched for […]