{Eloise Inspired | Lillipop Designs in Honolulu, Hawaii}

I had the absolute privilege of photographing a Lillipop Designs dress inspired by the classic tale of Eloise. Being in Hawaii, I wasn’t sure where I would make Eloise come to life since she resides in the Plaza hotel in New York City and in a very pink room. Hmmm… GOOGLE! So I searched for “pink room in Hawaii” and the legendary room of the Iolani Palace popped up on my searches. Ok, so how am I going to get to do a photoshoot in the Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu? …well, I walked in as a tourist and walked out accomplished. With all respect given to the history of the museum, it had my PINK room! And once I have a “vision” I couldn’t let it go..anyone else have that problem?

Please enjoy the images below photographed in and around Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii. Thank you to Lillipop Designs for such a beautiful dress and the model and her family for participating.

Eloise Inspired Dress by Lillipop Designs
Pink room in Honolulu, Family photographer in Kailua, Child photographer in Honolulu, Hawaii
Iolani Palace
Eloise inspired dress by Lillipop Designs

Iolani Palace, Honolulu Hawaii, Model photographer in Oahu
North Shore photographer
Honolulu photography, styled photographer in Kailua, Hawaii
NYC photography
Hawaii Kai, realtor photographer
mini session in kaneohe, hawaii
Downton Honolulu, child family photographer in Kaneohe, Hawaii
Family photographer in Honolulu
Eloise inspired dress photographed in downtown Honolulu
Waikiki photographer
Model Mayhem photographer in Hawaii


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