{Newborn Ava | Bohemian Style}

I love when I get God-given visions to create a set or style for a particular shoot and then get stuck in executing it. So, days before this actually occurred, I was on the phone with my mother trying to explain to her how I wanted yarn to surround the newborn baby girl, with hanging doilies, on the white sand..I pictured a tree..but where was this going to come from? So we prayed, as I was walking into a store to look for inspiration, that I would find the right piece I needed. I asked specifically for drift wood with that pretty white wash to it too..Well, God likes specifics. No luck in store, drove home, felt prompted to drive to the beach, pulled over and walked to the shore…there laid a large white wash driftwood. I about cried.

Ok, so now I have tons of skeins of yarn, doilies, crocheted blanket, lace and driftwood. With the wonderful help of my stylists, Autumn and Michelle of Dream Compass, they helped configure the perfect placement of each piece! Thank you Lord for all the props, perfect newborn romper from Mia Joy Studio and this gorgeous baby with a full head of hair!

creative newborn photography
Newborn Ava surrounded by yarn – Mia Joy Studio

Mother and newbornDriftwood photography propMother and newborn baby posebaby girlhaileyfariaphotographyhaileyfariaphotographyhaileyfariaphotographyhaileyfariaphotography

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