{Blue Lagoon Inspired | Delish Styling}


Blue Lagoon InspiredBoyGirlTentDSC_7445DSC_7242DSC_7499DSC_7453DSC_7477bwDSC_7539DSC_7549


This is inspired by the story of Blue Lagoon. Lyndsea from Delish Styling and I had this vision of re-creating this pure love tale. For those of you that are not familiar with Blue Lagoon, featuring Brooke Shields, it is a storyline of two young children stranded on a deserted island and grow up as young adults that blossom into true love. Upon first posting a sneak peek of these images months ago, there was a mixed feeling I received regarding their ages in this session. Do you remember your first crush? I do.. I was in 3rd grade and his name was Kevin Schuler. Never ever forget. We would battle to place first in times table..I then remember my major crush when I really started to understand feelings, his name was Steven Cochrane. Oh boy. I am sure I stared at him like these two are. It is a natural thing that occurs when you have two young teens look at one another when there is somewhat of an attraction. This was not forced. I asked them to look at one another and what you see was their true reaction. I love the movie and this photo session equally. Thank you Lyndsea and the models for an epic photoshoot. Detail Shots DSC_7389bw

One reply to “{Blue Lagoon Inspired | Delish Styling}

  1. I think this is fabulous! And I agree, there is nothing inappropriate about this concept. Young love!

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