{ Woodsy Boho | Hawaii Family Photographer }

To be asked what my favorite shoot is, I can only respond with, my next one..because once I establish a favorite, I shoot a set up like this with the amazing Dream Compass Styling and then it moves to the top of my list. Loved the idea of colorful rugs with a green woodsy background and this wardrobe…just awesome.

Love everything about this, the colors, the fort, the beaded bike..musical chairs, couples shot..the gorgeous kids..list just goes on.

[ Hair & Makeup by Divine Beautease ]

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HFP_4094webfb HFP_4095web HFP_4128webfb HFP_4148webfb HFP_4153webfb HFP_4175bwwebfb HFP_4184webfb HFP_4216webfb HFP_4241webfb HFP_4255bwwebfb HFP_4281webfb HFP_4301webfb HFP_4318web HFP_4392web HFP_4433bwwebfb HFP_4434webfb HFP_4458-2web HFP_4472webfb HFP_4518bwwebfb HFP_4530fb HFP_4537fb HFP_4546webfb HFP_4571webfb HFP_4590webfb HFP_4601web HFP_4630webfb HFP_4691webfb HFP_4717webfb HFP_4747webfb HFP_4778webfb HFP_4936webfb


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