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I know you all are dying to hear this story.. so let’s make them famous and share away!

Story of my favorite bearded man and his beautiful family starts here – I met bearded man at a wedding earlier this year that I was photographing..he was a groomsmen and had the longest beard of them all, it really was an evolution of beards as the groomsmen line went on..but anyhow, I knew he was #epic from the first look. I am sure he knew, but I definitely knew! I normally don’t contact my brides to ask them about someone at their wedding, but I knew I had to photograph him. She provided me his instagram account, @poseidonsbeard and as I am stalking his feed..he not only had the best beard but his WIFE, natural beauty and two kids that were, you know what, no words, wait till you see the pictures. So I became a little obsessed and told my favorite stylist, Autumn of Dream Compass Styling about him and how we had to suggest in a way that we wanted to photograph their family without it being #awkward. Not sure if we accomplished that but hey the shoot happened!

…As we were nearing the day when the shoot would occur, I drove up to Whole Foods and there I see a man in a ball cap with hair in a bun, beard and a brown van loading up two kids, NO WAY! #BeardedMAN is right here! I have not seen him since the wedding and it’s been months of planning a date to work around their traveling lifestyle and momma’s internship to make this happen..So I parked my car a few spots away from him, left my kids in the car to figure their own way out and ran up to him before he left shouting “POSEIDONS BEARD!” because I had forgotten his name. Which is Ryan, FYI. There we chat about location and I adoringly watch his two children sit in their seats and munch on something organic obviously. #Seriously

Day of shoot.. #LifeIsWhereYouParkIt happened to be at a ranch in North Shore. You know, because thats how they #roll. We really wanted to capture them in their day to day life, not a posed shoot on the beach or elsewhere or with dad in a fedora (he would of just died had we suggested) but them being them. Mom walked out when we first met her with this stunning wavy hair and yes, she slept in it and it was not styled..that is HER. #jealous And I think that is what we captured and we are forever grateful to of been a part of their day.

They are venturing around the States now and be sure to follow them on Instagram under @Poseidonsbeard and say Aloha! Make this family that strives off of enjoying the natural beauty of things and living such a cultured life popular..I think we all need to see this and take part in a #vanagon moment some time.

Thank you Ryan and Christina for allowing us to meet you and your family..it was an honor and a privilege. I hope to meet again and indulge in some of that amazing pasta salad again. #BestBBQEver



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