[ R. Family in the Mountains ]

I absolutely adored this perfect little family. We hiked through mud to get to this location, which just adds to the entire experience of a Hailey Faria Photography photoshoot! =) I promise a story..well.

The wind was insane which just added to the effect needed for the tulle dress and ribbons! Just one of those sessions that complete creative control is handed over and you run free with it. Featuring @Dream Compass Styling.

HFP_8817 copy-1HFP_8876 copy-2HFP_8935 copy 2-3HFP_8941-2-2-4HFP_8955 copy-2-5HFP_8977 copy-6HFP_8989 copy-7HFP_9050 copy-8HFP_9077 copy-9HFP_9105 copy-10HFP_9112-5-2-11HFP_9116 copy-12HFP_9116-6-2-13HFP_9122 copy-2-14HFP_9135 copy-15HFP_9142 copy-16HFP_9228-9-2-17HFP_9238 copy-10-18HFP_9254-11-32HFP_9270-1-19HFP_9276 copy-2-20HFP_9325-1fb-21HFP_9359-1-22HFP_9400fbcopy-23HFP_9409-1-24HFP_9420 copy-25HFP_9423 copy-26HFP_9440-1-27HFP_9442 copy-28HFP_9450 copy-29HFP_9479 copy-30HFP_9500 copy-31

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