[ Backyard Family | Hawaii Family Photographer ]

I love nothing more than to be invited into a family’s life. To play in their own backyard and enjoy the scenery on such a beautiful part of historic Hawaii.

The grandfather pictured here served in the Vietnam War – it was an honor.

Thank you Osborne family!


HFP_-1 HFP_0003 HFP_0020 HFP_0022 HFP_0024 HFP_0060 HFP_0064 HFP_0079 HFP_0086 HFP_0094 HFP_0111 HFP_0117 HFP_0140 HFP_0144 HFP_0157 HFP_0176 HFP_0181 HFP_0209 HFP_0213 HFP_0272 HFP_0277 HFP_0279 HFP_0283 HFP_0314 HFP_0339 HFP_0345 HFP_0353 HFP_0366 HFP_0391 HFP_0404 copy HFP_0412 HFP_0421 HFP_0425 HFP_0439 HFP_0448 HFP_9978 copy HFP_9983 HFP_9985 HFP_9988

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