[ Birth of Beaux | Lifestyle Newborn ]

Dream Compass and I have been able to be a part of this families life for a couple years now. They hired us for an elegant couples session in a park – filled with laughter and love. It was then that we knew this was a lifetime connection for all of us involved. Now fast forward, we welcome baby Beaux – from a c-section birth to his appearance in his nursery.

Thank you for inviting us into your life B. Family!! XOXO


HFP_4838-1-2-1 HFP_4840-1-2-2-2 HFP_4853-1-2-5 HFP_4859-1-2-6 HFP_4863-1-2-7 HFP_4866-1-2-8 HFP_4870-1-2-9 HFP_4874-1-2-10 HFP_4884-1-2-12 HFP_4898-1-2-13 HFP_4902-1-2-2-14 HFP_4907-2-1-2-15 HFP_4908-1-2-2-16 HFP_4911-1-2-17 HFP_4915-1-2-18 HFP_4920-1-2-19 HFP_4926-1-2-20 HFP_4927-1-2-21 HFP_4930-1-2-22 HFP_4932-1-2-23 HFP_4935-1-2-25 HFP_4936-1-2-26 HFP_4937-1-2-27 HFP_4938-1-2-28 HFP_4940-1-2-29 HFP_4942-1-2-30 HFP_4943bw-51 HFP_4946-1-2-31 HFP_4953-2-1-2-32 HFP_4959-2-1-2-33 HFP_4963-2-1-2-35 HFP_4967web-52 HFP_4974-2-1-2-37 HFP_4982-2-1-2-39 HFP_4996-2-1-2-41 HFP_5004-2-1-2-44 HFP_5012-2-1-2-2-45 HFP_5014-2-1-2-2-46 HFP_5016-2-1-2-48 HFP_2740-1-2-6 HFP_2762-1-2-10 HFP_2768-1-2-12 HFP_2770-1-2-14 HFP_2779-1-2-16 HFP_2789-1-2-17 HFP_2799-1-2-18 HFP_2866-1-2-20 HFP_2883-1-2-21 HFP_2903-1-2-22 HFP_2925-1-2-23 HFP_2934-1-2-24 HFP_3035 copy-1 HFP_3077 copy-2 HFP_3140 copy-3 HFP_3206-1-2-25 HFP_3207-1-2-26 HFP_3212-1-2-27 HFP_3221 copy-4 HFP_3225 copy-5 HFP_3231-1-2-28 HFP_2711-2-1-2-1 HFP_2806-1-2-2 HFP_2809-1-2-19 HFP_2849-1-2-4 HFP_3231-1-2-28 HFP_3279-1-2-7

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