{ 2014 Family Christmas Styled Sessions | Dream Compass Styling }

This year was filled with Christmas on the beach, swinging in a hammock, kind of Holiday Card this year.. and we aren’t even done yet! But in case you are on the fence about getting your end of the year pictures in – be sure to contact us ASAP!

Enjoy these beautiful moments! And special thank you to Dream Compass Styling and Divine Beautease for making these dreamy!


HFP_8458-2bwfb HFP_8613fb HFP_8754fb HFP_8761fb HFP_8810bwfb HFP_8841fb HFP_8951fb HFP_9014fb HFP_9106fb HFP_9122fb HFP_9174fb HFP_9186fb HFP_0487fb HFP_0601fb HFP_0674fb HFP_0699bwfb HFP_7854fb HFP_7938fb HFP_7944bwfb HFP_8033fb HFP_8077fb HFP_8136fb HFP_8168fb HFP_8193fb HFP_8195fb HFP_8204fb HFP_8324fb HFP_6571fb HFP_6629fb HFP_6864fb HFP_7169fb HFP_7233fb HFP_7266blog HFP_7376fb

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