{ Natural Beauty J. Maternity | Oahu Hawaii Maternity Photographer }

There is always someone you meet in your life that brings YOU life, speaks life into you, encourages you and believes in the best. This is J. She is a remarkable woman that I have been able to form a friendship with and have watched her belly grow with baby number 2.

You can just see spirit of life in her eyes and the joy of the Lord in her smile.



maternity in oahu hawaii HFP_9413fbHFP_9345fbHFP_9263fbHFP_9225fbHFP_9308fbHFP_9527fbHFP_9792HFP_9645fbHFP_9545fbHFP_9717HFP_9681fbHFP_9556fbHFP_9733HFP_9716HFP_9423fbHFP_9773HFP_9790HFP_9702fbHFP_9316fbHFP_9468fbHFP_9335fbHFP_9586fb

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