[ Birth of Cailean | hawaii birth family photographer ]

A beautiful and healthy baby girl has graced this world with her presence. Baby C is going to be an amazing woman of God one day with her big sister!

The smile that big sis had when she walked in the room after delivery was soo raw and beautiful..

Photographing a birth is a very, very personal moment and I thank the families that allow me to be present and forever be a memory with them and this special once in a lifetime day.

Video posted of birth seen via link:  https://www.facebook.com/HaileyFariaPhotography/videos/vb.259757890770706/895704757176013/?type=2&theater

HFP_8148-1-1 HFP_8149-1-2 HFP_8153-1-3 HFP_8161-1-5 HFP_8164-1-6 HFP_8167-1-7 HFP_8174-1-8 HFP_8181-1-9 HFP_8192-1-10 HFP_8193-1-11 HFP_8194-1-12 HFP_8201-1-13 HFP_8210-1-14 HFP_8217-1-15 HFP_8218-1-17 HFP_8227-1-18 HFP_8234-1-19 HFP_8238-1-84 HFP_8243-1-21 HFP_8245-1-22 HFP_8247-1-24 HFP_8249-1-25 HFP_8253-1-26 HFP_8254-1-27 HFP_8258-1-28 HFP_8260-1-29 HFP_8260-1web-30 HFP_8265-1-31 HFP_8271-1-32 HFP_8283-1-34 HFP_8285-1-36 HFP_8287-1-37 HFP_8290-1-39 HFP_8295-1-40 HFP_8304-1-41 HFP_8307-1-85 HFP_8309-1-42 HFP_8310-1-43 HFP_8312-1-44 HFP_8313-1-46 HFP_8315-1-47 HFP_8317-1-48 HFP_8327-1-49 HFP_8328-1-50 HFP_8329-1-51 HFP_8337-1-52 HFP_8338-1-53 HFP_8339-1-54 HFP_8340-1-55 HFP_8346-1-56 HFP_8352-1-57 HFP_8354-1-58 HFP_8358-1-59 HFP_8361-1-86 HFP_8362-1-60 HFP_8365-1-62 HFP_8375-1-63 HFP_8380-1-64 HFP_8382-1-65 HFP_8384-1-66 HFP_8389-1-67 HFP_8391-1-68 HFP_8409-1-73 HFP_8411-1-74 HFP_8420-1-75 HFP_8436-1-77 HFP_8437-1-78 HFP_8441-1-79 HFP_8445-1-80

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