[ #BigIslandTravels – Hawai’i ]

Got to escape this past weekend with my husband..we traveled around the entire island of Big Island, Hawaii – took 12 hours to stop and go on Saturday though..we explored Wapio Valley, Black Sand Beach, Hilo, Kona, highest point at Mauna Kea [ saw Saturn ] and the southern most point..

The serene car drive was well – needed. He has been working non-stop and me homeschooling and running children to their afternoon activities in afternoon – well, a quiet car ride was perfect in itself. =)

Enjoy the tour below!

[ Video Link ~~> ]   http://video214.com/play/zmTBtCcsEy6NroCMn3HcSQ/s/dark

HFP_5031-1 HFP_5034-2 HFP_5041-3 HFP_5050-4 HFP_5068-6 HFP_5091-9HFP_5101-11 HFP_5112-12 HFP_5153-13 HFP_5082-8
HFP_5164-14HFP_5201-16HFP_5203-17HFP_5205-18HFP_5219-20HFP_5194-15HFP_5217 copywebHFP_5230-21HFP_5239-23 HFP_5240-24 HFP_5241-25 HFP_5242-26 HFP_5244-27 HFP_5245-28 HFP_5246-29 HFP_5253-30 HFP_5256-31 HFP_5260-32 HFP_5265-33 HFP_5275-35 HFP_5288web
HFP_5064-5HFP_5303-36HFP_5307-37 HFP_5310-38 HFP_5311-39 HFP_5312-40 HFP_5316-41 HFP_5317-42 HFP_5321-43 HFP_5323-44 HFP_5330-45

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