{ L. and her rescued kitty.. }

Some of you already know the story of the sweet kitty “M”…but for those of you that don’t, let it be retold. As my kiddos and I were taking our chihuahua, Lola, to the vet for a somewhat serious virus we waited by the window at the vet clinic for news from the vet. All of a sudden L. stands up and rushes to the door saying, “she has a baby kitten!” So I watched her welcome in this lady carrying a pint size kitten wrapped in a t-shirt and allowing L. to pet and gush all over the place before we could even find out what or why she was bringing it into the animal hospital. We overhear her telling the vet techs that she found it in a ditch not too far away with no sign of mama, not too untraditional of a story around here, but kitten looked to be in good health. The vet clinic said she could take it to the humane society but they would euthanize it because of how young it is due to population control. The woman wasn’t able to care for it, so my children volunteered themselves 😉 …our first priority, I explained, was to find out if our dog was going to be hospitalized first before we already found a replacement..after speaking with vet, we returned back to waiting room to find that the woman and kitten were still there and feeding it some milk. Again, the children didn’t hesitate to say that they would take care of him. I was moved by their compassion and told them that we would foster little M until he found a home; which was my reason for my recent Facebook posting to find him one..and we did. I let the munchkins enjoy him for a few days, they were actually very responsible and loved him with pretty much all they could give..so I documented this very giving time in their lives, mainly with L as she doesn’t mind being in front of the camera..my older son on the other hand has no interest. Needless to say, I am very, very proud of their humble hearts for fostering a kitty that they fell in love with and handed him over to a new home. That took a lot out of them I know..as much I feel like he was supposed to be part of our family, we already have other pets that need our attention. We love you ‘M’ and know that two kids nursed you back to health and will never forget you.


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L is wearing a dress by @Whimsically Detailed

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