{ H. Family | Vintage Surf Styled Session in Honolulu Hawaii | Dream Compass Styling }

An absolutely stunning family of eight is now being featured on the blog! Must say, this was my first to capture six children..Autumn, of Dream Compass Styling and I went into this shoot with a game plan.. First family shots, then individuals, then parents while other entertains children, then group shots of boys and girls, candid moments..family shots again.. phew! And it actually flowed quite nicely!

Shot on the beautiful beaches of Sandy Beach in Hawaii Kai..sun sets so wonderfully over those mountains and creates a beautiful backlight..



HFP_0037webfb HFP_0052webfb HFP_0076web HFP_0090web HFP_9442web HFP_9454webfb HFP_9475webfb HFP_9516bwwebfb HFP_9532bwweb HFP_9538webfb HFP_9539webfb HFP_9541webfb HFP_9564webfb HFP_9574bwwebfb HFP_9592web HFP_9619webfb HFP_9632webfb HFP_9633bwwebfb HFP_9637webfb HFP_9642webfb HFP_9650bwwebfb HFP_9666webfb HFP_9668webfb HFP_9689webfb HFP_9697webfb HFP_9754webfb HFP_9760webfb HFP_9767webfb HFP_9781webfb HFP_9825webfb HFP_9868webfb HFP_9896webfb HFP_9904webfb HFP_9955webfb HFP_9960webfb HFP_9980webfb


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