{Rouge et le Bzou}

Photo and Wardrobe Stylist, Rachel Griffith, contacted to me to collaborate with her to bring the legendary tale of Little Red Riding Hood to life.
Rachel’s current study of children’s literature sparked the desire to share the many versions of this story, thus creating her twist.
She continued to tell me that the story originated in 1697 by French author Charles Perrault and over centuries has undergone multiple transformations.
Rachel has titled this, “Rouge et le Bzou.” Bzou is a werewolf referenced in the 1870 French version called, “The Story of Grandmother,” transcribed by Achille Millien.
We have both been intrigued with the most recent interpretation from the hit series, Once Upon a Time, that characterizes the innocent Red as the stalking wolf.
Here is the collaborated effort, what is your interpretation?


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