The Faraway Badlands of Kansas..

Who knew this incredible place existed in Kansas! Granted it was 103 degrees when we arrived, but was worth sweating through our clothes, getting completely covered in this chalk like substance and hiking around for a couple hours. Completely unforgettable – so much so that I am going back in November with another amazing […]

[ Lake Sessions | Oklahoma ]

This session was filled with so much – I shot half of it with a film camera, being sent out to be developed at Indi Film Lab, excited to see if I was able to shoot manually on a film camera as well..used the little battery operated lights for some hot shots of mom. Just […]

{ Z. Family Glorious Picnic | Dream Compass Styling } Hawaii Family Photographer

vintage tricyle

A beautiful family picnic in Hawaii can only be done one way ;-).. flowing canopy sheers with fresh fruit, bread and ol’ trike for kids to play on and a beautiful breeze for mom and dad to relax in.. Featuring Dream Compass Styling.